The New Challenge of Cyberwarfare
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von: John Arquilla

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Verlag: Wiley
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Veröffentl.: 11.06.2021
ISBN/EAN: 9781509543649
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<p>New technologies are changing how we protect our citizens and wage our wars. Among militaries, everything taken for granted about the ability to maneuver and fight is now undermined by vulnerability to “weapons of mass disruption”: cutting-edge computer worms, viruses, and invasive robot networks. At home, billions of household appliances and other “smart” items that form the Internet of Things risk being taken over, then added to the ranks of massive, malicious “zombie” armies. The age of Bitskrieg is here, bringing vexing threats that range from the business sector to the battlefield.</p> <p>In this new book, world-renowned cybersecurity expert John Arquilla looks unflinchingly at the challenges posed by cyberwarfare – which he argues have been neither met nor mastered. He offers fresh solutions for protecting against enemies that are often anonymous, unpredictable, and capable of projecting force and influence vastly disproportionate to their size, strength, or wealth. The changes called for require radical rethinking of military and security affairs, diplomacy, and even the routines of our daily lives.</p>
Acknowledgments<br /><br /> Foreword by Leon E. Panetta<br /><br /> Preface<br /><br /> 1. “Cool War” Rising<br /><br /> 2. Pathways to Peril<br /><br /> 3. The Next Face of Battle<br /><br /> 4. (Arms) Ctrl+Alt+Esc<br /><br /> 5. Through a Screen Darkly<br /><br /> Notes<br /><br /> Further Reading<br /><br /> Index
<p>“A masterful treatise on a dauntingly complex subject, <i>Bitskrieg</i> is also a lively, engaging read that makes this frightening new concept something each of us can understand. Brilliant and intensely relevant.”<br /><b>Stan McChrystal, General, US Army (retired), Founder & CEO of McChrystal Group</b></p> <p>“Written by a true visionary in national security and technology, John Arquilla’s <i>Bitskrieg</i> is a call to arms to face the changes reshaping our world and war itself. Blending insights from history with the latest on cyber attacks, it hits that sweet spot of being both an easy and an interesting read. Enjoy and learn!”<br /><b>P. W. Singer, best-selling author of <i>Ghost Fleet</i></b></p> <p>"There is no one better qualified than John Arquilla to describe – and guide the rest of us – through the digital wilderness of cyberwarfare, with its endlessly shifting and exponentially growing terrain. This book deserves wide attention, for the wisdom in it could well prevent a future disaster, and might just possibly prevent a future war."<br /><b>Paul Saffo, Silicon Valley Futurist</b></p> <p>“<i>Bitskrieg</i> is that rare combination of an authoritative <i>and</i> stylish read. It gives us a ringside seat to help us understand the disruptive innovations that have fundamentally redefined the nature of war and security. At its heart, it is a warning that we ignore at our peril.”<br /><b>John Kao, Chairman, Institute for Large Scale Innovation<br /><br /></b>“[Bitskrieg] is striking for a number of reasons — the amount of expertise on display, the precise and unflinching language used to describe various situations and scenarios, and the perspectives of military power, national security, and social well-being at its heart.”<br /><i><b>The Geyser</b></i></p>
<b>John Arquilla</b> is Distinguished Professor of Defense Analysis at the United States Naval Postgraduate School. For more than 30 years, his ideas have influenced the discourse on military and security affairs in the Cyber Age.