Design for the IB MYP 4&5

Design for the IB MYP 4&5

By Concept
MYP By Concept

von: Lenny Dutton

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Verlag: Hodder Education
Format: EPUB
Veröffentl.: 03.09.2021
ISBN/EAN: 9781398308084
Sprache: englisch

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Ensure your students navigate the MYP framework with confidence using a concept-driven and assessment-focused approach to Design, presented in global contexts. - Develop conceptual understanding with key concepts and related concepts, set in global contexts, at the heart of each chapter. -Prepare for every aspect of assessment using support and tasks designed by an experienced educator. - Extend learning through research projects and interdisciplinary opportunities. - Apply global contexts in meaningful ways with an internationally-minded perspective. - Develop practical and creative-thinking skills to solve design problems with a statement of inquiry in each chapter. - Confidently cover the framework with chapters covering digital, product and combined design.Table Content: Unit 1 Global Goals Design Challenge Unit 2 Design to help people express their emotions Unit 3 Playground design Unit 4 Lights change lives Unit 5 Service promotion Unit 6 Gamified exercise Unit 7 Pedestrian safety Unit 8 The importance of toilets Unit 9 Human impact animation Unit 10 Play with the past Unit 11 Dealing with change Unit 12 Turning drawings into products

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