Hope and Insufficiency

Hope and Insufficiency

Capacity Building in Ethnographic Comparison
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von: Rachel Douglas-Jones, Justin Shaffner

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<p> A process through which skills, knowledge, and resources are expanded, capacity building, remains a tantalizing and pervasive concept throughout the field of anthropology, though it has received little in the way of critical analysis. By exploring the concept’s role in a variety of different settings including government lexicons, religious organizations, environmental campaigns, biomedical training, and fieldwork from around the globe, <em>Hope and Insufficiency</em> seeks to question the histories, assumptions, intentions, and enactments that have led to the ubiquity of capacity building, thereby developing a much-needed critical purchase on its persuasive power.</p>
<p> <strong>List of illustrations</strong></p>
<p> <strong>Preface</strong><strong>:</strong> Verbal Sophisms and Problems with Capacity Building<br> <em>Martha Macintyre</em></p>
<p> <a href=""><strong>Introduction:</strong> Capacity Building in Ethnographic Comparison</a><br> <em>Rachel Douglas-Jones&#xa0;and&#xa0;Justin Shaffner</em></p>
<p> <strong>Chapter 1.</strong> Professionalizing Persons and Foretelling&#xa0;Futures: Capacity Building in Post-Earthquake Haiti<br> <em>Kristin LaHatte</em></p>
<p> <strong>Chapter 2.</strong> Capacity as Aggregation: Promises, Water and a Form of Collective Care in Northeast Brazil<br> <em>Andrea Ballestero</em></p>
<p> <strong>Chapter 3.</strong> Building Capacity in Ethical Review: Compliance and Transformation in the Asia-Pacific Region<br> <em>Rachel Douglas-Jones</em></p>
<p> <strong>Chapter 4.</strong> Corrective Capacities: From Unruly Politics to Democratic&#xa0;<em>Capacitación<br> Susan Ellison</em></p>
<p> <strong>Chapter 5.</strong> Capacity Building as Instrument and Empowerment: Training Health Workers for Community-Based Roles in Ghana<br> <em>Harriet Boulding</em></p>
<p> <strong>Chapter 6.</strong> Personal and Professional Encompassment in Organizational Capacity Building: SOS Children’s Villages and Supportive Housing<br> <em>Viktoryia Kalesnikava</em></p>
<p> <strong>Chapter 7.</strong> Community Capacity Building: Transforming Amerindian Sociality in Peruvian Amazonia<br> <em>Christopher Hewlett</em></p>
<p> <strong>Chapter 8.</strong> ‘Integrating Human to Quality’: Capacity Building across Cambodian Worlds<br> <em>Casper Bruun Jensen</em></p>
<p> <strong>Rachel Douglas-Jones</strong> is Associate Professor at the IT University of Copenhagen, where she co-directs the ETHOS Lab. Her recent publications include ‘A “Good” Ethical Review: Audit and Professionalism in Research Ethics’ (<em>Social Anthropology</em>, 2015) and ‘Claiming and Knowing the Real’ (<em>Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute</em>, 2016).</p>

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