April Seldon

My Mommy Loves Me

This book is dedicated to my granddaughter Angel Lee Gibson. Angel Lee Gibson is a very smart little girl with so much knowledge. She helped guide this book. She is 6 years old going on 7. She likes to read, write, and play Roblox.

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My Mommy loves me

Guided by Angel Lee Gibson 












I am the luckiest and cutest girl in the whole world. I am having fun. She loves me and I love her. She is the best mommy.

Mommy gets me up in the morning and helps me brush my teeth.


Mommy helps me wash up and gets me ready for my breakfast. My mommy made yummy scrambled eggs for breakfast with turkey bacon on the side. I also had toast with strawberry jelly. I had orange juice too. My mommy takes good care of me. That is what mommies are for. Mommy is getting me ready for the day. My mommy is the best mommy ever. 





 As we are riding. The beautiful


their moring food.

The wind rustles through the trees.