Social Change and Psychosocial Adaptation in the Pacific Islands

Social Change and Psychosocial Adaptation in the Pacific Islands

Cultures in Transition
International and Cultural Psychology

von: Anthony J. Marsella, Ayda Aukahi Austin, Bruce Grant

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Chapter 1. Introduction
Anthony J. Marsella, Ayda Aukahi Austin, and Bruce A. Grant Chapter 2. Social Change in the Pacific: Problems Old, Problems New, Problems Borrowed
Eugene Ogan Chapter 3. The Dynamics of Cultural Trauma: Implications for the Pacific Nations
Michael Salzman Chapter 4. Globalization of Human Services for Indigenous Youth in the Northern Territory, Australia
Bridie O’ Reilly, Stuart Carr, and Floyd Bolitho Chapter 5. Fiji’s Move into the 21st Century
Robin Taylor Chapter 6. The Federated State of Micronesia
Joakim Peter and Marcus Samo Chapter 7. Guam
Juan Rapadas Chapter 8. Understanding Substance Use and Violent Behavior in a Native Hawaiian Community
Ayda Aukahi Austin, Anthony J. Marsella Chapter 9. The Republic of the Marshall Islands
Michael Jenkins and Cleveland McSwain Chapter 10. Alcohol and Drug Use in Honiara, Solomon Islands: A Cause for Concern
Rolf Kuschel, 'Angikinui Francis T. Takiika, and Kiu 'Angiki Chapter 11. Building Capacity for Epidemiologic Surveillance of Alcohol and other Drug Problems in the U.S. – Associated Pacific Islands
Amelia M. Arria and James C. Anthony Chapter 12. Some Closing Comments
Anthony J. Marsella, Ayda Aukahi Austin, and Bruce A.Grant
<p>There are few books totally devoted to the psychology of this population</p>
<P>The Pacific Island oceanic and rim nations include many traditional societies and emerging nations that have experienced abusive histories of colonization, exploitation, and social change and upheaval. Their peoples are struggling to restore traditional cultural heritages and identities in a world community dominated by Western values and lifestyles. The conflicts, uncertainties, and instability of this transitional time are reflected in these populations’ current social and psychological difficulties. This volume is one of the few devoted to these issues and covering a range of problems including substance abuse, hopelessness, violence, crime, abuse, juvenile delinquency, suicide, and AIDS. </P>

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