Sustainable Resource Use and Economic Dynamics

Sustainable Resource Use and Economic Dynamics

The Economics of Non-Market Goods and Resources, Band 10

von: Lucas Bretschger, Sjak Smulders

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The chapters in the book cover a broad range of aspects regarding the relationship between natural resource use and long-term economic development. The book surveys existing literature as well as adds to frontier research. In particular, the following topics are studied: incentives for adoption and diffusion of clean technology, resource scarcity and limits to growth, international convergence of energy intensity, and the social norms shaping resource depletion.
This volume includes a selection of papers presented at the conference “Susta- able Resource Use and Economic Dynamics” (SURED), held on Monte Verita ` in Ascona, Switzerland, in June 2004. Thirty years after the publication of the famous symposium issue of the Review of Economic Studies in 1974, which started the neoclassical literature on growth theory and resource economics. The conference sought to reinforce research efforts in order to provide adequate solutions for today’s challenges in the ?eld of sustainable development. The c- ference compiled innovative research from resource, energy and environmental economics, and dynamic economic theory. By bringing together leading experts, junior and senior scholars in these ?elds, it covered a broad range of aspects regarding the relationship between natural resource use and long-term economic development. The SURED conference made use of the wonderful surroundings on the “mountain of truth” and the remarkable history of the conference centre, which was shaped by the desire to return to a natural way of life. In this tradition, the conference aimed at ?nding ways of living in an economically developed world and at the same time taking into account the natural environment with its restr- tions and requirements. We take the opportunity to thank the staff of the Monte Verita ` centre for the hospitality and the excellent service.
Preface. List of contributors. 1. Introduction; Lucas Bretschger and Sjak Smulders, 2. A Dynamic Model of the Environmental Kuznets Curve: Turning Point and Public Policy; Hannes Egli and Thomas M. Steger, 3. Optimal Timing of Adoption of a Green Technology; Maria A. Cunha-e-Sá and Ana B. Reis, 4. Can environmental regulations boost growth?; Rob Hart, 5. General Purpose Technologies And Energy Policy; Adriaan van Zon and Tobias Kronenberg, 6. Efficient dynamic pollution taxation in an uncertain environment; Susanne Soretz, 7. A New-Growth Perspective on Non-renewable Resources; Christian Groth, 8. Sectoral Energy- and Labour-Productivity Convergence; P. Mulder and H.L.F. de Groot, 9. Spatial evolution of social norms in a common-pool resource game; Joëlle Noailly, Cees A. Withagen and Jeroen C.J.M. van den Bergh, 10. Sustainable Motion in Classical Mechanics: An Economics Perspective, John M. Hartwick.

Most recent approaches to modelling technological change and pollution
Surveys existing literature as well as adds to frontier research
Provides both theoretical and empirical perspectives

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