The Wherewood

The Wherewood

Orca Currents

von: Gabrielle Prendergast

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Verlag: Orca Book Publishers
Format: EPUB
Veröffentl.: 17.08.2021
ISBN/EAN: 9781459828063
Sprache: englisch
Anzahl Seiten: 120

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Fourteen-year-old Blue (a human) should be upset that his new friends Salix (a Nixie) and Finola (a Faerie) have tricked him into going on another adventure into the Faerieland. But he's actually quite excited. Especially since their quest to find the way back to Salix's homeland takes them through the Wherewood, a magical region where lost things go. They encounter confused pets, misplaced homework assignments and mountains of odd socks. But when a misstep leads Blue into the forsaken Witherwood, he comes face to face with an old enemy. And Olea, the cursed former queen of Nearwood, will not let Blue go so easily this time.<br> <br> This is the second book in the Faerie Woods series, following <i>The Crosswood</i>.
In this high-interest accessible novel for middle-grade readers, 14-year-old Blue Jasper goes on another Faerie Woods adventure, to the Wherewood, the forest of lost things.
Blue should have known this was a bad idea.
<b>Key Selling Points</b> <ul> <li>In <i>The Wherewood</i>, a young teen tries to help his new friend Salix get back to his real home.</li> <li>This is the second book in the Faerie Woods series, following <i>The Crosswood</i> in the Orca Currents line.</li> <li>Set in an enchanted Faerie kingdom, this book is filled with fantastical and dark creatures, and the usual rules do not apply.</li> <li>Gabrielle Prendergast has written books in many genres, including the Nahx Invasions series, a sci-fi fantasy series that includes the award-winning <i>Zero Repeat Forever</i> and <i>Cold Falling White</i>.</li> <li>New, enhanced features (dyslexia-friendly font, cream paper, larger trim size) to increase reading accessibility for dyslexic and other striving readers.</li> </ul>

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